Guan Yu

Guan Yu, having been captured by Cao Cao and treated as a VIP, learned the whereabouts of his comrades Liu Bei and Zhang Fei one day. He found Zhang Fei had took over Gu-cheng, where Zhang and Liu’s army was now stationed. At once Guan Yu returned the gold Cao Cao gave him in a sealed envelope and hanged the stamp that signified power, also given to him by Cao Cao, and left to seek Liu and Zhang at Gu-cheng. Cao Cao, on hearing about Guan’s departure, followed Guan to Ba Bridge and presented good wine and silk robes as token of friendship. Pouring the wine over his weapon and pricking the robes aside, Guan Yu rode away.

Arriving at Gu-cheng, Guan Yu was cross-examined by Zhang Fei who suspected Guan of turning into Cao’s spy. Cao’s army chased Guan to Gu-cheng. Zhang Fei would not open the gate for Guan. Guan had to kill Cao’s general to prove his integrity. Liu, Guan, Zhang, the three brother-like comrades, re-united in Gu-cheng in the long run, but Zhang Fei had to apologize repeatedly before Guan would pardon him.



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